The Freedom Law Firm is a family oriented law firm in Orlando, FL that handles foreclosure defense cases and personal injury / auto accident cases. While other Orlando foreclosure defense firms may rush past important details, we thoroughly examine all facts and legalities in intimate detail to ensure our client receives the best representation possible. We are compassionate and caring people who actually care about the individuals we represent.

We are empathetic with the current economic conditions and understand that there could be several reasons for seeking our Orlando foreclosure defense services, and we will try to be accommodating to your financial situation. We understand that bad things happen to good people, so we want you to know we will be there for you!

The Freedom Law Firm of Orlando focuses on foreclosure defense and personal injury / auto accident cases. Contact Us Today At 407-883-2618 for more information on our Orlando foreclosure attorney services.

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Most of the foreclosure clients we have walk through our doors are families trying to stay in their homes or at the very least are the original borrowers on the Note who are looking to either buy time while they renovate the property for sale or rent out the property. Either way, most of the time we are representing the person(s) that were an original borrower on the Mortgage and therefore have contractual rights that the bank must abide by. However, every now and then we come across a client that is now the title owner of the property (thus they have an interest in the action) but acquired their interest subsequent to the filing of the foreclosure action. Because these newly minted owners were not a party to the original mortgage/contract, they are NOT usually a named party in the lawsuit. You may be wondering how this is possible but the answer is actually quite simple. A couple of the more common scenarios involve a situation where either the original borrower had given up on the property once the foreclosure was filed against them so they simply deeded their interest to a third party buyer or they file for bankruptcy Chapter 7, erase all of their debt and walk away from the property, typically resulting in a third party purchasing the property from the bankruptcy trustee. The real question is, what rights do these new owners have considering they were not a party in privity of contract with the bank? Now the banks will have you believe that this new buyer has absolutely no rights and cannot defend the foreclosure in their name because they took title to the property after the lis pendens had been filed. Their logic is that the new buyer was well aware of what they were getting into when they bought the property and knowingly proceeded in acquiring title “subject to” the prior mortgage. There is clear case law that would tend to side with the banks if the attorney was looking to substitute in these new owners via a “Motion to Intervene” which is the typical channel in which a new party can step into an action. However, there is a different, less common strategy lawyers can use to afford these new owners the right to defend the foreclosure as if they were stepping into the shoes of the original borrowers but unfortunately its not a tactic that many attorneys implement and in most instances, don’t even know exists.


Foreclosure Defense: When The Homeowner Tags Out, You Can Still Tag In

Posted April 14th 2014 by Attorney Stites

Judge decides to serve up a unique brand of justice: What happens when a attorney and a judge decide to brawl in the middle of a court. The entire incident lasted about a minute. Apparently the public defender stepped up to defend a man for assault charges.

“Two charges assault and resisting. You have the public defender, what do you want to do?” asked the judge.

“Did they file?” quipped the public defender

“They have.” The judge answered quickly.

“I’m not waiving.” Said Weinstock with an upward inflection.

“…Alright. What do you want to do?” asked the judge after some hesitation.

“What do YOU want to do? I’m not waiving. *laughs* You want to set if for trial, set if for trial.” The public defender shot back at the judge.

“Alright.” Said the judge sounding like he was already losing his patience's.

The public defender continued: “You want to set if for docket sounding, set if for docket sounding. I am not waiving in any case.”

The judge takes a deep breath and sighs loudly.

“The-this is an emergency created by the state-"

The public defender is cut off by the judge "You know, If I had a rock, I would throw it at you right now," Murphy said. "Stop pissing me off. Just sit down. I'll take care of it. I don't need your help. Sit. down."

"Now- I'm the public defender, I have the right to be here and I have a right to stand and represent my clients- " Weinstock quickly retorted.


Attorney Judge Fight in Brevard County Florida

Posted June 4th 2014


Posted June 13th 2014 by Attorney Stites

Everyday people come through our doors in distress because they have just been served with a foreclosure Summons. One of the first questions we ask here at The Freedom Law Firm is “what is your ultimate goal?” Now at first blush, the answer to this question may seem like an obvious one (keep the house) but in fact, many different people have many different goals. For instance, some young, first-time homeowners may be so incredibly upside down that they do not even want to save the house, but simply wish to walk away debt free so they can start fresh on another more financially sound property. Additionally, you might have an investor who is simply looking to fight the foreclosure as long as possible so they in turn can continue to rent the property out and make some additional income. However, the most common scenario we encounter is the obvious one that I alluded to earlier; it’s a family who has lived in the home for years and years and wants to fight to keep the property, their HOME, permanently. It is the latter of these scenarios in which we will focus our attention here today.

Most people want to keep their, and rightfully so. However, the hard truth of the matter is that simply saying you want to keep the home and hiring an experienced attorney to defend the foreclosure is not the be all end all when it comes to saving the home indefinitely. While it is a critically vital step due to the fact that you certainly need an experienced attorney to defend the case and prevent the bank’s lawyers from swooping in and stealing your home before you’ve had a chance to negotiate with the bank, that alone will more than likely not get it done.  The more prudent plan of attack would be that while you hire an experienced foreclosure defense firm, such as our team here at The Freedom Law Firm, to fight the bank’s attorney’s in the courtroom, you should be simultaneously working with the lender to obtain a loan modification.




When it comes to saving a home from foreclosure, the most responsible and prudent advice I can give someone who is realistically looking to keep their home is simple; apply for a loan modification and do it NOW! While I certainly consider our firm to be one of the most aggressive and knowledgeable defense firms in Central Florida, obtaining 7 free homes in just the last year alone, more often than not, simply defending a case won’t ultimately result in you retaining the home for the long haul. While we defend the foreclosure case, we highly advise that YOU the borrower, SIMULTANEOUSLY begin working with the bank to obtain a more affordable payment plan. i.e. a loan modification. It’s a two prong strategy for home retention: we aggressively defend against the bank’s attorneys in the courtroom, while you apply for loan modification directly with the bank’s reps. Since a loan modification can take several months to be reviewed by the bank, the ideal time to do this is early on in the litigation process when there are no trials or major hearings on the horizon. There’s nothing more stressful for a client than trying to get a loan mod with a trial one month away. Unfortunately, we get calls from potential clients that have other attorneys that tell us they have a trial coming up in 3 weeks and they want to know what if anything they can do to save the house. Sadly, their previous attorneys did them a major disservice by failing to timely inform the client they could potentially obtain a loan modification and keep the home. Most of the time, these potential clients hear this news for the first time after calling us.

Banks are under no obligation to give you a loan mod but if you do not try, then you don’t have a chance. If you’re in home foreclosure, regardless of how far along your case is, and you’re serious about keeping your home, APPLY FOR A LOAN MOD IMMEDIATELY! This is going to take some time…


Serious About Keeping Your Home? Attempt a Loan Modification Sooner Rather Than Later!

Posted July 15th 2014 by Attorney Stites


So I was sitting in Court today at yet another exciting Case Management Conference (interpret as: a house-keeping hearing where the Court will do anything within its power to tie up any loose ends and push your case to trial) when something subtle, yet crucial to a foreclosure defense case occurred. However, before I delve into what transpired, let me start by giving some background info on what typically takes place at these ever-present CMC hearings. Often times, the Order setting the Case Management Conference will state something to the effect of, “ALL pending motions shall be heard at Case Management Conference.” What this means simply is that if you have any outstanding motions, you must be prepared to argue each and every one of them at that CMC. Why would the Court add this language you ask? It’s simple, that way the Court may dispose of any procedural hurdles that may prevent the Court from setting the case for trial. One example of such a hurdle would be a Motion to Dismiss (read our prior blogs on when a case is “At Issue”).  If there’s a pending Motion to Dismiss, the case is clearly not “at issue” under FL Rule of Civil Procedure 1.440 and the Court is precluded from setting the case for trial, despite their most zealous efforts. The reason it’s important to delay a trial is due to the fact that the sooner a trial is set, the less time you could potentially have left in YOUR home. In other words, the longer we can prevent trials, the more guaranteed time you have left in YOUR home; which is clearly the goal.

Now that you understand what generally transpires at your typical CMC, lets get into what happened today and why it’s imperative to have a competent attorney representing you in your foreclosure defense every step of the way. Today’s CMC started with opposing counsel and myself informing the Court that the case was not at issue and could not be set for trial due to the still pending Motion to Dismiss that would need to be set for a future hearing.


Don’t Let the Courts Shave Valuable Time from Your Foreclosure Case

Posted August 18th 2014 by Attorney Stites

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