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    The Freedom Law Firm is a family oriented law firm in Orlando, FL that handles foreclosure defense cases and personal injury / auto accident cases. While other Orlando foreclosure defense firms may rush past important details, we thoroughly examine all facts and legalities in intimate detail to ensure our client receives the best representation possible. We are compassionate and caring people who actually care about the individuals we represent.
    We are empathetic with the current economic conditions and understand that there could be several reasons for seeking our Orlando foreclosure defense services, and we will try to be accommodating to your financial situation. We understand that bad things happen to good people, so we want you to know we will be there for you!
    The Freedom Law Firm of Orlando focuses on foreclosure defense and personal injury / auto accident cases. Contact Orlando Attorney Charles Franklin Today At 407-883-2618 for more information about our legal services.


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    Never Stop Fighting: A Loan Modification Success Story

    Often times, the foreclosure process can be a time of overwhelming stress and doubt and this is never more true than when it comes to loan modification. It may seem like no matter how many times you call the lender and no matter how many documents you gather pursuant to their specific requests, that the lender just will not work with you. While this discouragement is understandable, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a recent success story that proves that with enough hard work, things c...


    You've Just Been Served a Foreclosure Summons: CHOOSE YOUR NEXT ACTIONS CAREFULLY!

    We notice an alarmingly high number of clients that come through our doors wherein they've been served and either failed to file any paperwork whatsoever, or thought it best that they file their own paperwork and then seek out the advice of experienced counsel after the fact. Both of these options are strongly discouraged and can significantly hinder your foreclosure defense which ultimately results in less time in...


    How To Use Discovery to Build Your Case Against Bank Foreclosure

    What is Discovery?

    Discovery is an umbrella term that describes the process of requesting information from the other party in a lawsuit.

    It is an invaluable weapon in the fight to defend your home against the banks. If you are being sued by the bank and they are alleging that they are entitled to foreclose on your home, you must find out exactly what evidence, if any, they ar...


    The Amended Complaint - I've Already Been Served One Foreclosure Complaint, Why Am I Getting Another?

    THE AMENDED COMPLAINT - I'VE ALREADY BEEN SERVED ONE COMPLAINT, SO WHY'S THE BANK FILING ANOTHER? It is crucial to your foreclosure defense to know exactly what an Amended Complaint is, what effect it can have on your foreclosure case, and how to properly respond once it is filed.

    A foreclosure action will begin with the Bank's filing of a Foreclosure Complaint. That Complaint will lay out exactly what the Bank is suing you for and the general basis for their argument.

    The Compl...


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