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    Florida Foreclosure FAQs

    Why Should I Hire an Experienced Orlando Foreclosure Attorney Rather Than Just Fight the Bank Myself?

    Under Florida law, any person, whether an attorney or not, may represent themselves in a court of law without the aid of counsel. That being said, a foreclosure defense attorney has the professional knowledge and experience to look after your best interests. The foreclosure process can be long and complicated, which is why the counsel of an experienced Orlando foreclosure attorney is imperative in ensuring that you and your home are best protected from creditor levy.

    Do I Have Any Alternatives to Foreclosure in Florida?

    In Florida, you have several alternatives to foreclosure if you act before the foreclosure is filed. If you wait longer, your alternatives become more limited. That’s why it’s important that you contact an Orlando foreclosure defense attorney as soon as possible. A few alternatives to foreclosure include refinancing, loan modification, bankruptcy, and short sale.

    Why Try to Defend Against My Foreclosure if I Can’t Afford the Payments?

    It is a misconception that hiring an Orlando foreclosure defense attorney to defend your case is not a cost-effective option. There are many ways that an Orlando foreclosure attorney can help you save money in the long run. We can work to get a modification to your lower monthly payments or even get your foreclosure complaint dismissed. Hiring an experienced lawyer can help protect your rights and save you thousands of dollars in taxes and other financial consequences.

    What Should I Do if I Have Received Legal Paperwork Regarding a Foreclosure?

    Florida homeowners have just 20 days to file a legal response. Contacting an experienced Orlando foreclosure lawyer as early as possible is the best immediate action to take. Too often, Florida homeowners fail to act quickly after receiving paperwork notifying them of a foreclosure action, which results in limited options when a Orlando foreclosure attorney is defending against their foreclosure.

    Hiring an Orlando foreclosure defense attorney to help with a foreclosure in Orlando is one of the best decisions you can make. Call 407-883-2618 to get in touch with our Orlando foreclosure lawyers at The Freedom Law Firm today. Our Orlando lawyers are experienced and want to help you! Call anytime, day or night!

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