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    Personal Injury Calculator

    One of the most common questions we hear from car accident injury victims is: "How much is my case worth?" A number of factors influence the outcome of a car accident injury lawsuit. One of them being medical expenses. Typically, more serious injuries result in higher medical bills. However, there can be a large gap between how much a case with worth and how much a client can expect to actually pocket for pain and suffering.

    The personal injury calculator below can be helpful to get a very broad idea of what a auto accident case may be worth. The actual results of your case will differ based on the specific facts of each case.

    ***Using this personal injury calculator does NOT make us your lawyer. These calculations are for educational purposes only. In order to get a better estimate you will need to contact an attorney.

    1. Medical Expenses:

    Enter a rough estimate of the medical bills that incured as a direct result of your accident. (Hosptial bills, doctors bills, rehab bills, surgical bills, etc.)


    2. Property Damage:

    Enter a rough estimate of the property damage bills that incured as a direct result of your accident. (Repair or replacement costs of vehicle and personal possessions destroyed in accident)


    3. Lost Earnings:

    Enter a rough estimate the income you lost from not being able to work due to your accident.


    4. Future Lost Earnings:

    If you have to continue to miss work to attend treatment, can't work until you recover, enter a rough estimate of your lost income.


    5. Future Medical Expenses:

    Enter a rough estimate what your future accident related medical bills will be. Usually your doctor will be able to give you a better idea of this amount based on your prognosis. (Physical therapy, renting medical equipement, surgical procedures, etc.)


    6. Estimated Medical Multiplier:

    The more severe the injury the higher the injury multipler. Soft tissue damage and minor sprains can range from 1.5 to 3. Herniated discs,broken bones, and injuries that need surgery to correct typically have a range from 3 to 5. Catastrophic injuries such as a loss of a limb, paralysis, or death can go as high as 10.


    Estimated Settlement Value:

    Economic Damages:


    This amount is a fixed one to one ratio, meaning the cost of what was lost should (ideally) be reimbused for what it was worth. The multiplier is not applied because Economic damages do not factor in to pain and suffering.

    Pain and Suffering:


    Also called general damages, this total is generated by multipling your medical bills by your estimated medical multiplier.

    Total Settlement Estimate:


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